Clef T.E.S.O sur PS4 [RESOLU]

Clef T.E.S.O sur PS4 [RESOLU]

Message non lupar Decapno » 23 Avr 2015, 16:02

Bonjour ,

J'ai reçu une Clef Beta pour The Elder Scrolls Online sur PS4 , mais a cause des restrictions de ma connexion internet , je ne pourrais pas télécharger le client du jeux a temps pour profiter pleinement de la Beta .
Je serai HAPPY de donner la clef a quelqu'un qui pourra en profité .

Du coup la première personne qui répond a ce post recevra la clef en MP :D .

D'après le mail , il n'y a pas besoin du Playstation Plus pour jouer a la Beta .

Voici la liste des bugs :


When creating an account, the following countries will experience a login error: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Switzerland. We recommend you select the United States as your country for this beta.

Customer Support tickets will display an error message even when successfully sent.

Switching accounts while trying to load into the game can cause an infinite load screen. Restarting the game will fix this.

If you launch the game before you plug in a headset, the headset will not work. You should launch the game with your headset already plugged in.

Health indicators may become desynced, and will display inaccurate information with regard to another player character's health. This is especially true when using a Restoration Staff, or trying to cast spells before you've fully loaded into an area.

Some animations, sounds, and particle effects will take longer to load than they should. This can cause placeholder graphics to appear, or cause the asset to be missing entirely.

If you repeatedly adjust the screen size in quick succession, the game will freeze and become unplayable.

Reporting another player character via the mail menu is not yet available, and will cause the interface to give an incomplete or blank display.

Actions that would normally force you to dismount (swimming, teleporting, going through a door, or getting knocked off by a monster) may cause you to become stuck on your mount. Relogging will fix this.

Some longer names will cause overlapping in the user interface.

Demoting another player character in a guild will cause them to be unable to enchant, repair, or charge weapons and armor until they close the game and restart.

The quest "Like Moths to a Candle" in Stros M'Kai will occasionally cause the game to crash.

Accepting invites to large groups will occasionally cause the game to crash.

The Combat Tutorial for "Break Free" is missing text in German and French clients.

If you are trying to repeatedly change the Friends list quickly, the game may crash.

Five or more group members can currently enter a four-player instance that should be restricted to four group members.

Items in the Crown Store will be priced at 1 Crown each for beta testing purposes. Items purchased during the beta will not transfer to the live version of the game.

Activity feed posts for the European beta do not currently have icons.

Online IDs of speakers in Group and Guild VOIP channels are not identifiable during loading screens; however, VOIP communication is still functional.

You cannot currently view Online IDs in some menus.

Unblocking player characters that are in a VOIP participant list outside the game will occasionally inadvertently block a different player character in the participant list.

Attempting to access another player character's Online ID through the VOIP menus will force the client back to a loading screen with message rate error.
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Re: Clef T.E.S.O sur PS4

Message non lupar Aly Harmel » 23 Avr 2015, 17:07

Moi stp je la voudrait bien
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