Abgx: Checking L0 Video padding plante ?

Abgx: Checking L0 Video padding plante ?

Message non lupar loictinant » 13 Sep 2014, 23:22


Voici mon soucis, si s'en est un.
Je patch mon jeu avec abgx360 (C'est bien pour patcher non ?) avant de le graver (Il s'agit de Blur)

J'ai ce message en jaune: (Juste dans la recherche: Checking L0 Video padding qui bloque a 52%)

The amber said: L0 Video padding contains data but this is normal for XGD2 (The old way of
putting L1 video on L0). Add command line option --pL0 if you want to blank it
out (the data hasn't actually been checked that it matches L1 video... it could
be anything). Note that XGD2 ISOs without L1 video on L0 will appear to have
bad video data when checked with older versions of abgx360. This version of
abgx360 doesn't care about L1 video on L0... it will pad L0 video with zeroes
whenever video is autofixed or manually patched. You can rest assured that only
old and unsafe custom firmwares will read L1 video from L0; newer ones will
read it properly from L1. If you're tired of seeing this message then just
disable "Check/Fix Video padding", as it still makes no difference in terms
of stealth... this option only exists as a way to make sure ISOs are "clean",
with no extra data in areas that aren't CRC checked.

Qu'est ce que cela veut dire ?
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Re: Abgx: Checking L0 Video padding plante ?

Message non lupar UnKnOwN » 19 Sep 2014, 03:26


Le mieux serait de faire un screen de tout le scan d'ABGX et de l'afficher ici.. ;)
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