[HOMEBREW]PSP Installer V4

Re: [HOMEBREW]PSP Installer V4

Message non lupar -suigetsu » 22 Fév 2011, 00:35

Le Lua c'est drôlement simple des menus j'arrive a les faire en 30 min :love:
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Re: [HOMEBREW]PSP Installer V4

Message non lupar [Lyon_Legend] » 24 Fév 2011, 16:47

La v4.1 est dispo ici

Changelog :
Changed Catagory Names from Official Firmware to Signed Homebrew and Custom Firmware to Unsigned Homebrew
Added error checking for repo lists incase a catagory has less then 5 items
Removed Pulsing Download icon, not possible in this version of PGELua so useless code really
Press Triangle to Search
Full Search system that appeared in 3.XX but disappeared in 4.0
Update System implemented
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