[PS3] - PS3 Manager v1.1.1r2

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[PS3] - PS3 Manager v1.1.1r2

Message non lupar Snookyyyy » 01 Avr 2015, 21:10

PS3 Manager revient avec une version estampillé 1.1.1r2, qui inclut le nouveau MAMBA + PRX LOADER dans sa version 1.03 et se rend compatible avec les CFW 4.70 !
Il n'est cependant compatible qu'avec les CFW non Cobra.
Voici le Log de cette nouvelle version.


Log :

Note: The mamba version has one limitation, it cant set memory of vsh.self (only) process (from offset 0x10000 to 0x10000 + vsh_text_size), the cobra version dont have this limitation.

How to use it?
!!! If you are on a cobra cfw you need to turn cobra off (see in webman, habib toolbox, ...) !!!

- Download and install "ps3manager_api_mamba_launcher.pkg".
- Run it, it will load all stuff and when its done you get back to the xmb (it take some times).
- Done you can now use all features of MAMBA, PS3M_API and webMAN-MOD .
- You can also updated to the last version of webMAN-MOD.

New Features Cobra/Mamba:
* Peek and poke for any processes by pid (new syscall 8 opcode).
* Set self/fself memory map flag to "RWX" for any processes (Allow to write to protected process memory).
* Include modded psnpatch stealth extensions by kw (Not remove syscall 8 like webman, add remove of syscall 1022 in mamba version only).

PS3 Manager is compatible with removal of syscall by webMAN-Mod or PSNpatch (v4.66.30 at least), after removal of syscall with one of this tools you can always peek/poke any process and mount games (syscall 8 not removed).

Server/Client App Features:
* Support remote connexion wirelless or not.
* Attach to any runing process (vsh, game, ...).
* Peek memory from attached process.
* Poke memory from attached process.

Note: In mamba version the changes are not permanent. If you want to re-use PS3M_API next time you reboot your ps3, you will need to restart the launcher.

PS3 Manager v1.1.1r2

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