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TEAM GEN - DayViewer v7 by Total_Noob (US Version)


This plugin allows you to edit the clock string and add more features like weekday, monthname, year, battery percent, battery lifetimer, and more...


  • Langue : Anglais
  • Taille : 5.73 Ko
  • Licence : Freeware / Gratuit
  • Site de l'éditeur : http://www.pspgen.com
  • Note de la rédaction : Non définie
  • Note de la communauté : 3.6/5 (63 avis)
  • Votre avis :

Description du plugin :

Read news : Dayviewer v7 : affichez le jour de la semaine sur votre XMB.

Dayviewer - 0

Installation :

  • Download DayViewer 7
  • Connectez your PSP to your computer with USB
  • Turn on USB mode your PSP
  • Right click on the downloaded file
  • Chosse "extract files..." (use winrar)
  • Choose the letter associated to your PSP by your computer
  • Click on OK and wait for complete file's extraction
  • Go to SEPLUGINS Directory on your MS
  • Open (or create if it dosen't exist) the file VSH.TXT
  • Add inside the following sentence ms0:/seplugins/dayviewer.prx 1
  • Close and save file.
  • Disconnect from USB and reboot PSP


Translation & Editing clock string

The config file for the translation and the clock string is: 'dayviewer_config.txt'

For the clock string, you can use these things:

  • %weekday
  • %day
  • %monthname
  • %month
  • %year
  • %hour12 (time format 12)
  • %hour
  • %min
  • %sec
  • %ampm
  • %batpercent
  • %batlifehour (battery life hour)
  • %batlifemin (battery life minutes)

Example: [SuperHero, %month-%day-%year %hour:%min:%sec %batpercent%%]
Example 2: %weekday, %day. %monthname %year %hour12:%min:%sec %ampmCFW 5.50GEN-D3

If you want to show the percent symbol you have to write '%%'.
To make a new line, write ''.
If you make a new line, the clock string will slide up. To fix that, write '' at the beginning of the string.

Note: Max. 100 characters for the clock string

Donation :

If you want to thank Total_Noob (Team GEN) you can donate him 5 euros via PAYPAL.