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Firmware 3.51 M33 - révision 7


Voici l'annonce originale:In this update includes previous updates and next :1) Improvement in M33 ...


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Voici l'annonce originale:

In this update includes previous updates and next :

1) Improvement in M33 NO-UMD (that is from sony much better, but we finish our hunting) : + fix problems that prevented play in ATV Offroad Fury Pro Steel Horizons, Tony Hawk's Project 8, and possibly others. + Download improved.

2) An automated patch for the problems with the LCD TA-082 +, now illumination levels are working well. M33 itself verifies if there is a problem and it adjusts. WLAN patch placed on another. (It is available for 3.51, 1.50 in before the reboot. For those who have not read the instructions, we NEVER Distribute sony files releases! Patch programmed myself ! In previous guidance, we wrote that the problem with WLAN not for us.)

3) Fourth Rate Fix is now available in 1.5.

4) The Hard Reset on 1.50 homebrew added to the recovery.Use it only if WLAN patch will not work.(It's recommended, as well as slowing import hombryu)

The M33 Team

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