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XmbIconManager by Total Noob (US)


XmbIconManager by Total Noob (Team GEN) allows you to edit the icon name to your desire and replace options with useful things like Load homebrews, updates, psx games and backups, or shutdown, suspend, reboot and restart VSH.


  • Langue : Français
  • Taille : 6.91 Mo
  • Licence : Freeware / Gratuit
  • Site de l'éditeur : http://www.pspgen.com
  • Note de la rédaction : Non définie
  • Note de la communauté : 2.9/5 (73 avis)
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Description :

Read our news: XMB Icon Manager : easily custom the functions of icons in XMB

XMB icon manager

Installation :

  • Download XMB Icon Manager
  • Connect your PSP to computer via USB wire,
  • Turn on USB mode
  • Click with right button of mouse on the downloaded file
  • Choose 'Extract files..." (use winrar)
  • Choose the letter given by system to of your computer
  • Click on OK and wait end of extraction
  • Go to directory "ms0:/seplugins" and open "vsh.txt" with notepad
  • add line "ms0:/seplugins/xmbim.prx 1"inside, save and quit
  • Disconnect PSP from computer
  • Restart PSP (the plugin is started automatically)

    XMB icon manager4

How it works ?

The configuration file of this plugin is 'xmbim_config.txt'.

  • XXX = "(write the name of the icon here)".
  • XXX_MODE = "(write the mode you want here)".
  • XXX_FILE = "(if you want to load a file, write the path here, ms0:/...)".

XXX means the option.

These modes can be used :

  • shutdown
  • suspend
  • reboot
  • restartvsh (useful for HEN-users)
  • game
  • updater
  • pops (psx game)
  • backup (iso/cso games)

Note: Save the file in unicode format if you have any characters not supported by ASCII.

Note 2: If you use Xmb Icon Manager, it takes some seconds to load the config file, because there are much lines to read. To reduce the load time you can remove lines in the config you do not use!

Few examples :

  1. replacement of "Network Update" by "shutdown"

    NETWORK_UPDATE = "shutdown"
    NETWORK_UPDATE_MODE = "shutdown"

    XMB icon manager

  2. Replacement of  "Network Update" by an ISO Launcher

    NETWORK_UPDATE = "ISO resistance"
    NETWORK_UPDATE_MODE = "backup"
    NETWORK_UPDATE_FILE = "ms0:/ISO/Resistance Retribution.iso"

    XMB icon manager