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Ultimate VSH Menu Revised by Total_Noob (US)


Ultimate VSH Menu Revised by Total_Noob


  • Langue : Français
  • Taille : 44.46 Ko
  • Licence : Freeware / Gratuit
  • Site de l'éditeur : http://www.pspgen.com
  • Note de la rédaction : Non définie
  • Note de la communauté : 3.1/5 (43 avis)
  • Votre avis :

Description du Plugin :


Voir l'article : Ultimate VSH Menu Revised by Total_Noob : un INDISPENSABLE


Utimate VSH Menu Revised

Installation :

  • Download UltimateVSHmenuREVISED.zip
  • Connect your PSP to computer via USB Wire.
  • Toggle your PSP in USB Mode
  • Click with right button of your mouse on downloaded file.
  • Choose "extract files..."
  • Choose the letter that ths system attribute to your PSP in desktop.
  • Click on OK and wait that all files are copied on your computer.
    Note : if you have old version of UVSHM, files need to be overwrited.
  • Leave USB Mode
  • Go to the SEPLUGINS directory from your MS
  • open (or create) the VSH.TXT file abnd add inside this line :
    ms0:/seplugins/vshmenu.prx 1
  • Disconnect from USB mode ans reboot PSP
  • Enjoy it.


Utilisation :

  • select : Open UVSHM menu from XMB, or go to Recovery menu, or nothing. Action depends of your settings.
  • tips_left_small + tips_right_small + carre : Change the select effect.
  • hautbas : Choose an option line in menu
  • gauchedroite : change value in one option.
  • croix : Validate an option
  • tips_right_small + Note : take a screenshot (it depends of your settings)


Les détails du menu d'Ultimate VSH Menu :

  • CPU Clock XMB :
    Choose the processor's speed in XMB
  • CPU Clock GAME
    Choose the processor's speed in GAME
  • USB Device :
    Choose between MS, Fo ,F1 F2 F3, and UMD in USB mode.
  • UMD ISO Mode
    Choose between différents ISO launching ways (Normal, OE ISOFs, M33 Driver, Sony NP9660)
  • USB Charge
    Accept, or not, to charge battery from USB
  • Hide MAC Adress
    Hide, or not, the PSP MAC Adress
  • Hide UMD Update
    Hide Update Icon from UND
  • Sreenshot
    Allow, or not, to screenshot and choose the key/combo to do it.
    (tips_right_small, tips_right_small + Note, tips_left_small + Note, tips_right_small + Screen, tips_left_small + Screen, Note + Screen, Disable)
  • SELECT Button
    Allow to choose action affected to select (Recovery, VSH Menu, or nothing)
    Shortcut : tips_left_small + tips_right_small + carre
  • Random Color :
    Enabled ot disabled Random Color
  • Convert Battery
    If the PSP can make it, this option can convert your battery in a pandora one or restore it to a normal one.
  • ISO Video Mount
    Mount/unmount an ISO from UMD Video
  • Shutodwn Devive
    Shutdown PSP
  • Suspend Device
    Suspend PSP
  • Reboot device
    Reboot PSP
  • Recovery Menu
    Open the Recovery Menu directly from VSH. Use Quit option to go back to VSH Menu or use tips_right_small  + quit to reboot PSP.
  • Load EBOOT
    You can add in ms0:/PSP/GAME/VSHMENU/ one homebrew that you can quickly launch by there.