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Nouveau firmware pour le R4 Revolution1.16FR


 Le R4 Revolution se dote d'un nouveau firmware.




    Une petite mise à jour pour le R4 Révolution, pour peu d'améliorations. Voici le changelog du linker :

  • v1.16: ROM #1958 now works
  • v1.15: Solved the 1905 problem
  • v1.14: 1834 - Final Fantasy 4 (J) now works correctly
  • v1.13: resolve 1770 game problems
  • v1.12: This update solves the save problem with ROM 1368.
  • v1.11:
    Solved the soft reset of some games, for example: 1158 Zelda
    Solved the white screen issue of game 1209
    Adding the on/off option for real-time cheats switch
    Updated moonshell to v1.71 and supporting soft reset
    Full download play support(Please use trim_tool 2.0 to trim ROMs
  • v1.10:
    DLDI auto-patching
    Solved the 1111 and 1151 save problem.
  • v1.09:
    Optimization delete process.
    Solve the 0991 issue.
    Solve issue to some of the games without displays of icon and the title.
    Support master switch of action replay cheat for real-time game (opening cheats by L+R+START+UP, temporaryly closing cheats by L+R+START+DOWN).
    When cheats to the same game are in both the official database and the users database, users can choose to use the cheat in any database.
    Solve the 1070 achiving issue.
    Solve the 1085 issue.
    Update Cheat code editor v1.01.
    Released the list of cheats.

    Vous pouvez donc voir l'unique amélioration de cette mise à jour : ROM #1958 now works (en français : ROM #1958 fonctionne désormais). Pas grand chose à se mettre sous la dent donc, mais on peut noter l'activitée de la team.


Téléchargement :

R4 Révolution Firmware 1.16FR 

Source : Site officiel du linker  


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