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Dark_Alex still not working on the PS3


The buzz about Dark_Alex and a possible M33 on PS3 keep going on the Internet. PS3Gen tells you the truth about this case, click to know more about it.

At the time of our last news, HERE, we wondered if Dark Alex would do its arrival on the PS3. We thought about it at the view of the new section devoted to the PS3 on its site. But our joy was opposed to a serious element, someone who was going to erase much of our hope : Mathieulh. Shortly after the arrival of the PS3 category, it fulfilled all the surfers who were already hoping to have a customized PS3, informing the impatients that Dark Alex was not currently working on the PS3 and that its main concern remained the PSP. The announcement calm us down, but it also created a huge buzz around his coming.

Since that time, the blog has been updated and some articles have appeared. These amplified the buzz, for a topic was created yesterday to speak freely on the installation of firmware debug on the console from Sony. The big news is not exactly there, but in an Alek's commentary (webmaster of the Dark Alex website) posted the day after his article. When somebody asked if it is possible to see the born of a "M33 Custom Firmware" on PS3, he answers with the word "probably". He adds in the same post that, for him, the first thing to be developed are the Homebrews.

Following this buzz, Magixien went to talk to Mathieulh to know the truth. It follows that Dark_Alex is not working on any project getting closer to the PS3 for now. The word "Probably" used by Alek is more fantasy than reality. However, we also know that Dark_Alex could arrive on the underground PS3 if a flaw exploitable emerged.

It is obvious that PS3Gen, like other sites would have liked this buzz turns out to be true. But fortunately, with or without Dark_Alex, the PS3 underground is still advancing.

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