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[RUMOUR] Not enough GTA IV for everybody in France ?


We have just received two crucial informations concerning the release of GTA IV. Click for more information.

We're just a few days from the release of GTA IV in France. Everyone is looking for the store which will receive it first and which will distribute it immediately. You can even find stores that say (directly on their windows) "Deliver on April 21". But what will really happen ?

We asked this question to one of the rep of a famous retailer. According to him, things will not go this way...

It appears that the games will be delivered on the morning of April 29 by a special carrier. The shops which promise to offer a distribution before that date will be may be forced to modify their ambitions. Everyone would be in the same situation : 10 AM in the morning in front of the shop shouting, screaming, and begging to see the store opening a few minutes before the regular time, and then sprint to their PS3.

Another thing, even worse. Also according to this person, the players who have not booked the game may not be able to have it on April 29. Apparently, the stores will receive only the number of copies that their list of booking show them. We should prepare to a shortage on the D day. And it might even be a little late for the book, because some stores no longer accept reservations, as they will not be able to meet their promises, as the book lists were already sent to the distributor.

Life or game ?

Marketing technique or actual shortage ? We hope in any case that this is a fake... Or prices will igniting, and frustration at the same time.