2.71 Special Edition (SE) Custom Firmware Revision A

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Voilà le firmware custom de Dark_Alex. Ce firmware va reléguer le 1.50 aux oubliettes en flashant votre console avec un firmware 2.71 modifié qui permet de lancer les homebrews comme sur une 1.50.

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This is a custom firmware that lets to have in a single flash the advantages of firmware 1.50 and
2.71 at the same time.

Homebrew can be run on both kernels, the 1.50 one and the 2.71 one, letting almost all current homebrew
to work on the 1.50 kernel, and 2.71 homebrew compatible with HEN C in the 2.71 kernel.

Note: the installer writes to FLASH0. I'm not responsable of any damage of what happens,
since this software is provided free and without warranty.
TA-082 users cannot use this because a 1.50 bootstrap is needed to boot the system patched.

At the moment, there is only installer for 1.50, although it could be easily ported to whatever
firmware with kernel access such as 2.60 and 2.71, but at the moment i prefer not to doing it to avoid
TA-082 using it and bricking their psp's.

Note that this package DOES NOT contain any illegal material. The user has to provide the 1.50 and
2.71 updaters pbp's to legally generate the DXAR file used for the flashing.

Creating the DXAR file

- Inside MS_ROOT/PSP/GAME you will see 4 folders. Copy seupdmaker and seupdmaker% to /PSP/GAME/

- Get the 1.50 and 2.71 sony updaters in the seupdmaker folder with the names "150.PBP" and "271.PBP".

- Run the program. This program won't write to the flash, it will just create a file called DATA.DXAR in the
same directory (seupdmaker).

- Once that you have done this, you can save the DATA.DXAR file to skip this step in the future.

Flashing 2.71 SE

- Copy the files MS_ROOT/PSP/GAME/271seflasher and 271seflasher% to /PSP/GAME.

- Copy the generated DATA.DXAR file at 271seflasher directory.
This file, at release SE-A, should have ALWAYS the MD5 8E59FAAA97F526F8EC723D1B77700C2B
and SHA-1 15151DA906DAE508AABC668CA2FC65D9B541F02B

- Run the flasher. If your battery is less than 75%, the program will show the error saying that
and will return to the XMB.

- If you have enough battery, the program will continue and will show an agreement. Press X to accept
it and flash the custom firm, or R to cancel and exit to the XMB.

- If you accept, the program will flash the custom firmware. DONT shutdown the psp and DON'T
quit the memory stick.

- After finished, you psp will be rebooted to XMB... of 2.71

Using SE

- SE runs all homebrew from the /PSP/GAME folder using the 2.71 kernel. The compatibility of
applications using the 2.71 kernel is the same as HEN-C since they both use the same core.
Homebrew here have to be NOT kxploited.

- To run applications with the 1.50 kernel, and have about 99% compatibility with current homebrew,
put those applications in the /PSP/GAME150 folder.
Homebrew here can be either kxploited or not.

Using recovery menu

- To enter in recovery menu, press R when power on the psp.
The recovery mode lets to set options, and it lets to recover potential bricks, as soon as
the 1.50 bootstrap is intact.

- Toggle USB: It will enable/diable USB mass storage.

- Configuration. Currently there are only two options: skip sce logo and hide corrupt icons, by default
both are disabled.
If you enable "Skip SCE logo", you won't see that beautiful, (but sometimes annoying)
Sony Computer Entertainment logo when power on the psp (and in this way you also disable the autorun of
If you enable "Hide corrupt icons", it will hide corrupt icons. Note that currently not all corrupt icons
are hidden but most of them. This setting can SLOW down the access to game menu if you have too many items.
This will be improved in the future, however the best way to hide corrupt icons is always to convert your kxploited
applications to a standard single PBP.

- Advanced. This setting shouldn't be touched by most users, since they are mainly for debugging purposes.
It lets to flash some NOT critical files to the flash from the directory ms0:/reflash.

- Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP. This is what currently enables to recover a
semi-bricked psp (e.g. the vsh doesn't show, but you can reach the recovery mode).
Despite being in the game folder, that program will be executed in 1.50 kernel, so if even 2.71
kernel is destroyed, that program can be run.

Because official SCE updaters don't work in that 1.50 kernel environment (because they need some vsh files
not available), i've included with this package a flasher that lets to flash any official update from
1.50-2.71 to your psp.
To use it, copy the files inside inside "flasher for recovery/RECOVERY" in /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/
and the official SCE updater renamed as UPDATE.PBP in the same directory, and run the program
through the recovery option.

Another alternative for recovery is to reflash the own 2.71 SE-A.
To do this, copy the EBOOT.PBP of 271seflasher to /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP along with the
DATA.DXAR file, and run it through recovery.


- Devhook for 1.50 can be run on GAME150 and devhook for 2.71 can be run on GAME folder.

- In devhook for 1.50 you cannot use the option of 1.50 flash if you are gonna reboot to XMB.

- When using devhook 0.46, DO NOT use the options for flashing things.

- In devhook for 2.71, the 2.71 flash mode didn't work because a special patch to the flash driver
is needed. I worked to fix this and the fix for it can be found in the "devhook271 flash fix" folder.
More details there.

1.50 Compatibility

- Most of 1.50 homebrew work when they are in GAME150 folder. There maybe some exceptions of
few programs that interfere with the reboot system of SE. These programs can be umdemulator
and daxziso, although i have not tested them. They may not work at all or work in certain modes
(direct load methods probably).
Programs that hacks the flash like xflash, pspset, sxt version changer, etc are not
recommended to be used here.

- Irshell shows as corrupted... this is an issue in 2.XX vsh's. They don't like irshell sfo :)
The solution to make it show (and work) is to apply the solution given by frmariam originally
for epsilon bios:

- It seems that original umdemulator also shows as corrupted.
Try changing the sfo and maybe also the icon to fix that.

- Since 1.50 kernel gets patched, it can support things that a normal 1.50 cannot do, such as loadexecuting
prx's, loading modules, signed or not, from ms and flash in user mode without previous patches,
loading real pbp's, etc

- Note with wifi: 1.50 kernel doesn't understand WPA. So if you have a connection with WPA, you cannot
magically use it in a 1.50 application. Use WEP or not protection, or wait to wifi applications to
be ported to 2.71 kernel.

Known problems, remarks, etc

- "I tried, for some reason, to run a sce updater and it gives me a weird "DADADADA" error.
Running a sce updater can be dangerous, and because of that is disabled, and it will give you that
custom error code of mine.

- "I receive a weird error "98765432" when setting the language to Korean, Chinese traditional or
Chinese simplified". This is done on purpose, setting the language to those 3, which don't exist in 1.50,
can be dangerous for the 1.50 bootstrap, and therefore, they are disabled.

- Using the restore default parameters is not recommended. It won't brick your psp since it can
be recovered with recovery mode, but still, not recommended

- The game menu says that "There is no games". Probably you renamed your game folder to game150, but you didn't
create a new game folder. Even if you don't plan to use 2.71 homebrew, the folder GAME must exist, even if
if it is empty.


- Improve the homebrew loader of 2.71. Whenever HEN for 2.71 has an update, SE will have the same
update to his internal HEN core.

- Add more configuration options.

- Let decrypted prx's in the bootstrap load after "init.prx".

- Add native umd emulation support.

- Core and flasher coding: Dark_AleX
- Recovery menu coding: harleyg
- Beta testing: Mathieulh


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