5.03GEn B   1

5.03GEN-B : launch games for CFW 5.55 and more - Proof in video.


The 5.03GEn-B can launch protected and 5.55+ games like 5.50GEn-D2. if you have a PSP-3000 or PSP-2000V3, this Custom Firmware is for you... just watch the video and wait for Halloween.

The 5.03GEN-A Custom Firmware was created to allow underground possibilities on PSP-3000 (and PSP-2000v3). The future new 5.03GEN-B will now allow to read  all  actual and/or protected games.


5.03GEn-B - 1


Juste watch this video and you'll see that :



Release will be done for Halloween.

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