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Release of the 5.03GEN-B for HEN (PSP-3000) delayed.


We apology, but a "last minute bug" need to be corrected before the release of the 5.03GEN-B.

Because of this small bug, the last version of our Custom Firmware for PSP-3000 need to be delayed in order to manage to launch the MGS demo.


5.03GEn-B - 1

This is not a problem with the CFW but a recovery bug. If you remember,  the recovery of 5.03GEN-A already had a problem: all option lines were shuffled. The correction of this problem comes with another bug in some options like the "use version.txt" which doesn't work anymore and prevents the launch of the MGS.


You know well this message, no ?


This problem appeared yesterday night and we had to choose between a partial release, with a quick future update, or a full working release, later. We chose the last option: to release Custom Firmware 5.03GEN-B for HEN (PSP-3000) tomorrow night. We think  it's sufficient to correct this problem.

We know it's a big deception for people who are waiting for it, and wish they would understand our choice and the necessity of the delay.


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Can you also test Loco Roco Midnight Carnival Demo? Seems demo have some protection too - it runs when decrypted (v4) but in "caution about epilepsy" screen game crashes and reboot psp.
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