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iT Shell est à réserver aux bidouilleurs. Utilitaire multifonction permettant de gérer le multitâche mais aussi transformer la PSP en télécommande et enfin de prendre des capture d'écran. Drôle de mélange avez-vous dit ? 

Ir Shell permet de lancer des applications (UMD ou homebrews) à partir de son interface basique. La version actuelle permet seulement le multitâche entre l'application lancée et le shell mais ce n'est qu'une première version. Exemple, quand cela fonctionnera complètement: vous lancez un jeu puis en appuyant sur + vous passez sur le shell, lancez la fonction télécommande puis vous retournez au jeux exactement là où vous aviez interrompu la partie. Une belle idée à suivre.

Par manque de temps aujourd'hui je vous laisse la version originale du NFO. Si besoin je vous finirais la traduction demain... à moins qu'une bonne âme se dévoue.

What is iR Shell?

- It's a PSP shell.
- It's a multitasking switcher.
- It's an infra-red universal remote (iR Commander).
- It's a screen snapshot tool.

You can also choose to take screen snapshots on any UMD games or homebrew applications. Unlike other currently available snapshot tools, this one is highly compatible to most UMD games and homebrews. A Bitmap graphics picture viewer is incorporated into the shell. Currently, it only supports 8bit or 24bit color with 480 x 272 resolutions only, ideal for viewing snapshots.

The built-in iR Commander is an Infra-Red Universal Remote Control software. It allows you to control various home appliances and other infra-red based equipments. It has built-in IR codes (Pronto Hex Codes) for over 2000 devices. If you can't find the one you need from the supplied IR codes, you can download additional codes from It has IR codes for over 6000 equipments. The iR Commander allow user defined remotes via RDF text files. It supports bitmap graphics and key macros.

Future version of iR Shell will incorporate more built-in functions into the shell and allow you to task switch between them. For example, task switch between UMD game / Music Player / Video Player / iR Commander, etc.

If you enjoy using iR Shell, please consider donate any amount of money via Paypal to to help development.

Version 1.0
Usage Note for iR Shell:
1. unzip the and place the files to your PSP under /PSP/GAME/.
2. Button configuration while you're under iR Shell Menu.
Arrow Keys (Digital Pad): Menu navigation
Triangle: Go to parent directory.
Square: View toggle. Allow you to choose application view, RDF view or directory view.
Circle or Cross: Item selection
Analog pad left: Launch UMD
Analog pad right: Launch homebrew from /PSP/GAME/HOMEBREW/EBOOT.PBP
Analog pad up: USB On/Off toggle
Analog pad down: Quit iR Shell
Left Trigger + Right Trigger: Restart iR Shell
Left Trigger + Select: Task switch between the launched app and iR Shell
Note button: Take snapshot (photos are placed under /PSP/SNAPSHOT)
Start button: Help message
3. The view toggle (square button) allows you to choose your view among applications, RDFs or directory. For application (APP View), a list of launchable applications under /PSP/GAME is listed. For RDF (RDF view_, it will list the RDF files under /PSP/GAME/IRSHELL. For directory (DIR View), you'll be able to navigate among different directories and launch the selected files with file type, ".rdf", ".bmp" or ".pbp".
4. To switch between iR Shell/iR Commander and the launched app, use "Left Trigger + Select" combo.
5. To quit the game/homebrew, use the normal home key (or other exit key defined by homebrew) while you're under the game/homebrew and you'll be brought back to iR Shell. Do not use the home key to exit while you're under iR Shell. Doing so will appear to hang your PSP, but you can recover by pressing "Left Trigger + Select".
6. To exit back to PSP shell, use "Analog Down" while you're under iR Shell.
7. To take snapshot, click the Note button (Music button). Snapshots are placed under /PSP/SNAPSHOT and can be viewed via built-in bitmap file viewer.
8. The USB toggle allows you to copy files to/from MS and is indicated by a USB indicator on the bottom right corner. However, in order to avoid USB conflicts with other games/homebrew, it's recommended to turn off USB before launching UMD Game/homebrew.
9. The compatibility between UMD games/homebrew seems to be very high.

Usage Note for iR Commander (build within iR Shell):
1. If you haven't installed the Pronto Hex Codes before, you'll need to download the Pronto Hex Code from my website ( and unzip the prontocodes.rar and place the files to your PSP.
2. You can define a remote control by adding a Remote Control Description file (rdf). This is a plain text file. Please refer to the sample "Panasonic TV.rdf" for syntax description. You can simply use Windows Notepad to create a rdf, make sure you disable Word Wrap via Format->Word Wrap menu. This will allow you to see one code entry per line under Notepad.
3. If you make any typos in rdf file. The program will abort telling what & where you've made the typo after you have chosen that remote in the application.
4. There is an iR indicator on the top right corner on the remote control screen. It'll flash in RED if the PSP is transmitting IR signal.
5. Refer to the "Panasonic TV.rdf" sample for defining Macros and short cut remote lists.
6. Start key to switch to another remote directly if shortcut list is defined.
7. To select the bundled IR codes, press SQUARE button to switch to directory view and make selection. "Codes" folder contains the standard Pronto Hex Codes and "Discrete Codes" folder contains Discrete Codes" from Codes from Component Configuration Files (ccf) from are not included.

iR Shell 1.0


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comment on installe le logiciel svp lol je sais jsuis nul mais bon je me soigne et ou met on les code pour les truk de la télécommande svp
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tu met les fichier irshell et irshell% dans psp puis game

et pour info a magicien ma tv c'est une sous marque KONTACT alors va y pour trouver le codec lol
et je trouve pas ton site indiquer en référence
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