5.50gen D

Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D is now released

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The new version of Custom Firmware made by PSPGEN, by Yoshihiro, is now out.

The Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D is now finished and released. Note that this Custom Firmware
is for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 V1 and V2 only.The 5.03HEN-A will be updated soon with the same possibilities.



To make the way to flash your PSP easier, the installation of our new CFW is so easy thanks to our flash program XGEN UDPATER FOR PSP CFW 5.50Gen-D for those who are already using Custom Firmware, or a XGEN for Pandora for those who would still be on official firmware with PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 V1 or V2.

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If you're already on custom firmware, just launch the program.


What's up Doc ?

  • All features of 5.50GEN-B2 are available
  • Ability to run 5.51 + games without having to patch it (UMD or ISO)
  • Possibility to launch PSN demos requiring 5.51 + without having to patch them (as MGS for example)
  • Possibility to connect to the Playstation Store by the using of MEDIAGO, to retrieve games and goodies without having to install Fake USB or other complicated stuff.
  • Possibility to use the XGEN Updater to install the official firmware 6.10 (use it only if you have a Pandora XGEN to be able to return later in Custom firmware)
  • 480x272 AVC Videos are supported


5.50Gen-D is now running on your PSP...


Known bug :

  • Option to accelerate the reading of MS is going to be ported to 5.50GEN


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I can't connect to my network with it just like in C.
when he tries using the key he goes back to looking for acces point.
it just keeps going on like that till there is a timeout.
Signaler Citer