[1.50] XFlash 7e by Art

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Une nouvelle version de cet outil qui permet de modifier la mémoire flash de la PSP 1.50. Il contient des fonctionnalité qu'aucun autre programme ne possède.

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L'auteur affirme avoir testé toutes les fontions présentes dans cette version le 16/04/2006 sur sa propre PSP (X-Flash V7e all functions tested 16/4/06).

- Resistry Backup and Restore Tool: outils permettant de sauver/modifier ses fichiers du registre

- Firmware Dump Tool: permet de faire une sauvegarde de son firmware

- Secret Locked Option: une fonction cachée permet de mettre des mp3 directement dans le flash0



 ************************************* X-Flash V7e By Art *************************************

Hi Guys,
X-Flash is a firmware modification program written primarily for my own use. I wanted a way to quickly apply
newly discovered firmware hacks, and to automate the process of customising any new 1.50 PSP units that
I might purchase in the future. Not all of the firmware modifications performed by this program are my own,
but I use all of these modifications permanently on my own PSP units. The X-Flash program has followed a
logical progression, and now features some firmware tools that I did not consider when I started the program.

********************************* Grant Of Software License **********************************

The X-Flash Program is free to use, but I retain ownership of my software, and grant of license to use
it is under identical terms of GPS Trackmaker license agreement (reproduced in part with permission),
that pertain to preservation of protected ecosystems. View the entire agreement for GPS Trackmaker:


The author grants a non-exclusive license to use the program, free of charge, if the user:
Does not use the program for illegal purposes;
does not practice activities that destroy or degrades the environment;
does not practice polluting activities;
does not throw trash on the ground or through the car’s windows;
when going to the beach and creeks takes his trash back until finding a trash collector;
does not practice any activities that hurts animals, like hunting, out-of-season fishing, pigeon shooting, dog fight, etc.;
does not buy wild animals that, by law, may not be created out of their natural environment;
has ecological conscience and protects nature.
People that for any reason do not fit the conditions above, are expressly forbidden to use the program."


I have personaly tested every function of this biuld of this program, on one of my own 1.50 PSP units.
All firmware modifications performed by this program are working well on my own PSP units.
(X-Flash V7e All functions Tested with 1.50 firmware PSP unit on 15/4/06).

To Install the X-Flash program, copy the XFlash program folders in the usual GAME folder of a 1.50 PSP.
Now you should be able to launch the program from the Game menu.

After program launch, the user must agree to a disclaimer screen prior to entering the menu.
The absence of the power adapter (mains cable) will also trigger a prompt to plug it in before continuing,
just like the official Sony Eboot updates, and PSPset program (Placasoft).
Once in the menu, any option can be selected by moving up and down with the joypad.
The screen footer offers a brief description of the currently selected option.

As a general rule the user presses 'X' to commit the selected modification to firmware, or presses 'O' to
reverse the selected modification. The program does not maintain checking for the power cable after startup,
so it can be tricked by pulling it out once the menu is loaded. Do so at your own risk if you do not have a UPS,
and prefer to rely on battery operation. There is an override code to bypass the screen requesting the cable
be plugged in. When the screen says "INSERT POWER CABLE TO CONTINUE", Press Joystick Right, and wait for about
30 seconds until asked to press joystick Left, Then the program will continue to enter the menu.

Resistry Backup and Restore Tool-
The operation of the Resistry Backup and Restore Tool is as follows:
move up and down to navigate menu to option 10, Press 'X' to restore a previously saved PSP 1.5 firmware
registry from memory stick, or press 'O' to Backup your current registry to memory stick.
The Resistry Backup and Restore Tool prevents the user from ever having to enter network settings and
other user data/ preferences in the event of a PSP system crash that causes the flash1 folder to be rewritten
by Sony PSP internal software.
The Memory Stick containing X-Flash can also be used to setup the user data (including network configurations)
on another PSP unit that you borrow from a friend, so you can restore his registry prior to returning
your friend's PSP unit.
If you try to restore a PSP system registry before you have saved one, an error message will be shown on screen
to tell the user that no registry files exist.
It is said to be completely safe to write to flash1 (where the system registry is stored), and I would agree,
but I do not guarantee this, so this option is not available without clicking on the front end Disclaimer.

Firmware Dump Tool-
When this option is selected, the entire firmware will be dumped from flash to the XFlash/Xflash/Dump directory.
I previously used a homebrew program called "File Assistant" for dumping firmware.

Custom Font Option-
A couple of PSP Updates members have noticed that game save problems have occured while using large custom
fonts like the one installed by previous versions of this program. A new "Digital" font has been used in this
version in an attempt at solving this problem. Use the circle button to restore original Sony font if you have
experienced this problem.

All Version Changer-
The All version Changer allows the user to select any of what I will call "Legal firmware versions" to be
applied as firmware version spoof. Select Option 9 from the menu with joypad up & down. Change version with
joypad left & right, or high speed selection with left & right trigger (shoulder buttons).
Firmware version spoofs for below version 1.00 are brickers under simulation, and are therefore locked.
Press 'X' to apply the version spoof, or 'O' to remove version spoof (applies standard 1.50 file).
I have tested several firmware versions including 1.00, 5.69, 6.66, 9.99, and 7.77.
As of X-Flash V7b, whenever this option is used, the file written to flash0 is automaticaly verified.

Special Version 13.37 Spoofer-
This option is a version spoofer that patches the sysconf_plugin.rco file with a '1' at the end of the
version string that appears in the System Information screen. Next it applies a normal version spoof to
version 3.37. With those two modifications, the System information screen reports "Version 13.37".
As of X-Flash V7d, Both flash writes are verified when using this option, and the system_plugin_bg.rco
file is patched for this option to work with the PSP set to English, French, or German languages.

Credits Screen-
Press Square to toggle the Credits screen.
The Credits screen shows what information I know about the origin of all modifications made by this software.
Some of this information is likely to be incomplete, or incorrect, since I have only been on the PSP scene
for 5 months. My apologies in advance if this is the case. Many firmware modifications are my own discoveries.
You can change the header and footer colour by pressing the Cross button while in the credits screen.
The colour setting isn't saved yet. Maybe I'll save it to a preference file in a future version.

Secret Locked Option-
Sorry Guys, locking it is the responsible thing to do. If you can contact me, I will give you the unlocking
secret, and some advice on use of the feature. Please do not advise on the unlocking secret on public forums.
This feature could have unfortunate consequences if certain conditions are not met with it's use.

This feature, when unlocked, will read an mp3 file from your memory stick (must be ms0:/PSP/MUSIC/Song.mp3),
and save it to the spare space in flash0. The reverse operation writes the song from flash0 back to the
same place on the memory stick. flash0 is reported to be about 24Mb, and since the firmware files consume
around 12.5Mb, there should be adequate space left for any reasonable size mp3 file.
THe feature will not work if the PSP/MUSIC folder does not exist on yor memory stick.

Cheers, Art.

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 X-Flash V7e By Art

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slt cet homebrew permet de modifier les paramettres de la psp tels que le firmware "virtuel"( fait croire a ta console que tu est en 2.6 par exemple mais tu reste en 1.5) cette fonction ne permet pas de faire fonctionner les jeux recents mais peux aider le lancement d'un jeu en iso
sinon on peut modifier la petite sequence d'intro lors de l'allumage de la console et bien d'autre. tu personnalises ta psp en quelque sorte
Voila :wink:
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avec cet hombrew serait t'il possible se mettre des option que d'autre firmware à
comme par exemple mettre une image en fond décran et le navigateur web de la 2.00
en prenant des morceau de flash de la 2.00
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