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Stryker vient de sortir la release de WinCISO v1.30 For PSP c'est un utilitaire de compression qui vous permettra de compresser vos .ISO en .CSO de manière on ne peut plus simple.

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WinCISO v1.30 For PSP
by Stryker

This is a port of the CISO Compressed ISO utility. It has been ported to a native WIN32 application. Compression is configured using a droplist. Default compression level is 5, an average of speed and compression.

When selecting a file, if the other file path is blank, the system automatically configures it. For example, if CSO path is being configured, and ISO path is blank, the application will automatically fill in the ISO path using the same base name and path and changes the extension to .ISO. If desired, you can browse or manually specify a different file.

If a PSP is plugged in and in USB mode, WinCISO will attempt to detect the PSP by searching for MEMSTICK.IND in the root of each drive on your system. If it detects the PSP, it will prompt to copy the newly created CSO file to the PSP in the ISO directory off the root.

Change Log


* WinCISO is sporting a brand new face. UI has been updated.
* Compression slider has been replaced with a more classic dropdown
* Added detection of PSP (checks for MEMSTICK.IND in root of available drives)
* Added copying of CSO to PSP ms0:ISO directory
* Added compression rate bar
* Added compression rate numeric value
* Added close(x) button to title bar
* Added decompressor (set compression slider to 0 - far left)
* Initial Release

Source code released for WinCISO, the only (that I know of) Native Win32 CISO utility (all others have been windows shells of the dos CISO utility). Code is Visual C++ 2005. I would suspect it would also compile under Visual C++ 2005 Express.

Ensure that zlib1.dll is located either in your system path or directly in the
directly of WinCISO.


WinCiso 1.30

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